1.How to Register on Snapkar for your Digital Busiess Card ?

Step1: Go to and click on Create My Card (

Step2: Enter your details, Your Full name , Email id, WhatsApp No. and your Password (for your digital card), Then click on Register button.

2. How to Create your Digital card ?

Step1: After registration click on Create My Card button to create your digital visiting card, OR just Login ( and create your card.

Step2: Enter your Role,Username,City,Your Company/Business name, then select your nature of business.

Step3: Click on Create button.

Step4: Login to your account ( and Click on Edit My Card.

Step5: Then click on Update card and update your digital Visiting/Business card by clicking on Edit button of each section.

Step6: If You need any further guidance to create your digital card then Contact Us .